Yubari King Gold Age Defying Cream


Yubari King Gold Age Defying Cream contains anti-aging components that dramatically reduce the skins tension and, giving an instant firming appearance.

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This unique two in one delivery concept incorporates a unique infusion obtained from Yubari King. The Yubari King is the most expensive fruit in the world and an amazing “super food”. This daily treatment provides double effectiveness in each application. Feel how a solid rich cream magically turns into a protective serum, during this process, selected highly effective ingredients deploy onto your skin for an unforgettable experience. This double-effect delivery system assists the ingredients in penetrating the skin. First, a dense cream, which quickly penetrates to treat the skin, then the protective serum, help to reduce wrinkles and lines. This precious cream magically turns from a solid rich cream into hydrating rich protective serum. The formula offers a cosmetic solution to reduce the skins tension and shorten the effects of time. it dramatically improves the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, giving the skin an immediate, optimized toned and firming appearance.

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How to use +
Onto cleansed skin, apply twice daily and massage into your skin in soft circular movements. As you massage, the cream will thicken and finally dissolve onto your skin, continue to massage until completely absorbed.
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Unique two in one application of cream and serum Fine lines and wrinkles diminish and smooth over with continuous use Injection free solution Anti-aging effect
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Size: 70ml