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Black Velvet Skin Transforming Mask

Wear this two-in-one luxury face mask overnight and transform mature skin into velvety smoothness. Gorgeous formula melts into the skin to reverse the ageing process whilst you sleep.


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Description +

Lavish and luxurious, Aromatic Body Butter is a heavenly comfort for your skin. As you spread this creamy treat onto your body, the butter melts to deliver all of its goodness, including exclusive mineral-rich Mud from the Dead Sea. But not only is your skin is left unbelievably soft and well-nourished. You’ll also spend the day basking in the scent of Milk And Honey. Aromatic Body Butter is supremely rich yet absorbs easily to leave your skin feeling silky-smooth, never greasy. It’s an excellent all-over moisturiser, especially for dry, cracked skin in need of intensive repair.

How to use +
Cleanse and tone skin. Apply mask to face, avoiding eye area. Massage in soft, circular motions until the exfoliating beads have completely melted into the skin. Leave on all night. For beautiful, velvet-smooth skin, use 1 to 3 times weekly.
Ingredients +
ORGANIC RYE SEED EXTRACT Rye Seed firms and smooths skin tissue, thus restoring the mechanical properties of the skin to limit wrinkles. Rye also helps improve skin tension to lift sagging and firm contours. SUPREM HYDRATE Made from viola tricolor extract, Suprem Hydrate delivers intense moisture and regulates hydration levels in the skin. This ingredient preserves skin’s youthful suppleness and elasticity and prevents wrinkles. BEE VENOM Long used in ancient medicine, Bee Venom is the new ‘natural Botox’. Bee Venom stimulates the body’s production of collagen and elastin to smooth, lift, and tighten skin. The venom also contains melittin, a compound that’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.
Benefits +
‘Natural Botox’ minimises wrinkles without injections Stimulates collagen and elastin production to restore firmness and elasticity Uses plant stem cells to correct and renew disordered skin cells Increase skin-cell lifespan Promotes cell turnover Reinforces structure of new skin cells Provides a multiple lifting effect Delivers intense hydration
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