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Gold Champagne Micro Nectar


Unique, breakthrough anti-aging dual essence formula, with the ultimate essence of rapid penetration and anti-aging nutritional oil.

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Supreme Black Velvet Skin Transforming Cream is an advanced anti-ageing facial moisturiser consisting of molecular technology in an aquatic-based formula. Skin is nourished and replenished with fresh, vital, encapsulated active ingredients such as Retinol and Bee Venom. Antioxidant vitamins protect against free radicals and further damage. A Gold-infused face cream with a rich texture, Supreme Black Velvet Skin Transforming Cream is an extravagant experience you can savour daily. This ultimate all-in-one lifting and firming phenomenon changes from gel to cream during application, allowing for maximum penetration. Deep hydrating action helps reduce wrinkles from deep within, resulting in improved contours and a face-lift effect.

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