Prevents breakage, split ends & frizz
Gentle scalp stimulation
Ergonomic, silky handle
Unique limited-edition design


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Description +

A80 PARIS PADDLE BRUSH is a multi-tasking must-have that delivers frizz-free, soft hair. It combs gently through even the thickest, most coarse hair to provide maximum styling control, while preventing breakage, split ends and frizz.
The long bristles provide a sleek finish, while the nylon ball tips gently stimulate the scalp and increase circulation, for a better hair health and an extra pampering styling experience.
For anti-frizz, shiny and endless hair looks.

Advanced Ionic Technology
Floating paddle brush design
Long bristles
Gentle scalp stimulation
Ergonomic, silky handle

How to use +
Pass through wet or dry hair to detangle hair and reduce stress on scalp before or during blow drying and styling.
Benefits +
Multipurpose Lightweight on the go Maximum styling control Stimulating bristles
Size +
25.5×8.5 cm
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