Age Defying Instant 60 Seconds Express Correct


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Instant, dramatic, game-changing results. This emulsion works in seconds to lift, tighten, and smooth fine lines and wrinkle. As oat kernel extract instantly tightens, the elements in the express correct help to maintain the appearance of skin for the hours after application.

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Gently tap a small amount onto the area of concern and then finish the application with one brisk stroke. For the next 60 seconds, keep your face completely still and free of any expression so the express correct has time to fortify the area.
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This express correct is instant and intense. It’s perfect to use on weekends, right before a special event, or any time you need a little extra lift. With all skincare items, keep your routine balanced. Use the express correct before a special occasion. On other days, use a serum and cream to keep the area of concern fortified.
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