The VIP EXTRA Experience

When you join VIP EXTRA, you’re not just becoming a member; you’re entering a realm where your choices are elevated and your preferences are honored. Our tiered system, designed to reward and pamper, ensures that every milestone in your journey is met with exclusivity and gratification.


VIP EXTRA is an innovative digital platform and a premier online beauty haven developed by BXG Group. It is designed to bring together the finest beauty products and services from Beauty Express Group’s powerhouse brands, offering an unparalleled shopping and beauty experience for members and customers in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China.


On an exclusive set, we sat down with Hubert Wu to delve into this extraordinary venture, discussing life, the essence of glowing skin, the symbolism of red, the power of music, and why Hong Kong is the ultimate city for such an endeavor.

APEIRO Nature’s Gems

We understand the significance of precious materials, acknowledging the timeless appeal of gold, the brilliance of diamonds, the mystique of black caviar and the elegance of pearls. These elements incorporated into our products, pay homage to the natural world and its intrinsic beauty.