Complete styling on the go
Lightweight yet powerful
Get creative – endless styles
Limited edition bear design
Includes: Wireless styler, mini styler, mini brush & hair clips


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Description +

The Bear Bag travel limited edition is a set based on the special collaboration with Parisian artist and designer. Each A80 Paris Bear is unique and has its own personality, character, aspirations and plans to rebuild the world in its own way.

The bear bag travel kit includes WIRELESS STYLER , MINI STYLER, MINI BRUSH MIRROR and 4 HAIR CLIPS.

Soft padded bear design
Zipped closure
Limited edition print design
2 slip pockets
Blue bag straps with unique A80 PARIS logo

How to use +
WIRELESS STYLER & MINI STYLER STRAIGHTENING: Hold your styler in a horizontal position and clamp down lightly on your hair (close to its roots), about 2.5 cm away from your scalp. Gently pull the styler all the way to the tips of your hair. CURLING: Gently clamp the styler towards your roots with your knuckles pointing upward Rotate the styler 180°C away from your face so that your knuckles are now pointing downward. Hold the styler vertically and pull it down to the tips of your hair. CREATING WAVES: Hold the styler horizontally, clamp your hair at its root and move your wrist up and down towards the tip of your hair. MINI MIRROR BRUSH Rush through wet or dry hair to detangle hair and stimulate scalp. HAIR CLIPS Use to section hair for styling control
Benefits +
On the go Easy to use Endless styles Lightweight+powerful tools Wireless – maximum convenience
Size +
Approximate size: 40X35cm
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